Friday, January 27, 2012

Draft Closing Arguments Assignment

In order to really start tying together our theory of the trial, we must really start to break down our exact theory of the case. What do we have to show for each side to win? What theme will we repeat throughout the case?

This weekend, use your opening statement and binders to write a closing argument. You must time your argument:

  • Petitioners: 5 minutes
  • Respondents: 4 minutes

45 point homework grade, based on the scoring guidelines (Rules, pp. 37-39).

Hints on Writing the Closing Arguments

  • What is your theory?
  • What was the theme of your opening statement? (Ex: "Riley Rendlow is a sponge, looking to soak up all of the money around him." "Addison and Alexi are callous children, whose cold-hearted nature forced their mother to turn to furry animals for warmth.")
  • What evidence did you tell the judge you would present during your opening?
  • Did you, theoretically, prove this evidence's relevance during the trial?
  • What is the last image you want to leave in the judge's mind when you leave the courtroom?
  • Most importantly, Who said What?
Here's another theme, courtesy of Rukiat: "One bad apple spoils the bunch. Addison Heeney-Potter is the bad apple in this bunch. And this rotten apple is spoiling her mother's good intentions."

Sorry, Rukiat, I couldn't remember the exact wording. Post it in the comments section if you want everyone to see it.

If you need some inspiration, or just want an example, here's Atticus Finch's closing argument from To Kill a Mockingbird.

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