Monday, April 30, 2012

Part 1: Statement of Opinion (32 points)
Now that you've completed your research, you will create the first firm statement of your opinion. This is still not yet written in stone -- it could change based on what your partners say. Ultimately, your group will share one thesis.

Essentially, you are completing this sentence:
"Ebbets Chavez & Kofax ___________________ represent Lt. Amy Connolly before the U.S. Supreme Court because _________________, _____________________ and ____________________."
You may change the wording/format of this statement as long as it includes the basic information given.

We'll use this rubric to grade your theses.

Part 3: Working on the Final Product
You must persuade the government to agree with your argument. In order to do so, you will create a position paper which adheres to the following criteria:
  • Save your work to the Y:\Ramin Law and Government
  • Name the file "Your Last Names - Connolly Recommendation"
  • Include the each group member's name, as well as the complete PSM heading, at the start of your document
  • Title your paper
  • At least 5 paragraphs in length (Intro, 3 Body, Conclusion)
  • Includes a thesis statement modeled after the one above
  • Persuasively argues your position, following the requirements illustrated in Brandi Bickering's memo. You can find additional guidelines for your work here.
  • Includes a 5-source Work Cited page (graded based on this rubric), following MLA format (you should have most of your citations already!)
Your rough draft is due e-mailed to me at the end of tomorrow's class period (5/1/12). It is a project grade, and will be based on this rubric (the same one that will be used for your final product -- Due Friday, 5/4/12).

Each person will also receive an individual project grade for his/her specific body paragraph based on this rubric.

Who does what?
  • Each person should research and write one body paragraph
  • The group should work together to draft the introduction paragraph today and the conclusion paragraph tomorrow
  • The group is responsible for proper transitions, etc.
  • The group should work together to compile the Works Cited page
Tomorrow's Expectations:
  • Finalize rough draft, including conclusion paragraph
  • Analyze presentation requirements for Friday's class

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bickering's 4th Memo

Lt. Connolly was once a cadet just like this young woman.
Should she have the right to serve in U.S. Special Forces?
Let our senior partner know.
We are nearing the end of our evaluation of Lt. Connolly's case. Read through the fourth memo from our senior partner, Brandi Bickering.

Respond to the following questions on loose leaf paper. 4 points per question, 20 points total.

  1. With the information you have right now, what would you recommend to the senior partners? What are the deciding factors in your recommendation? What questions do you still need to think about? What 5th and 14th Amendment issues are you thinking about?
  2. Does the right to equal protection override concerns about the effectiveness of Special Forces units, or is this a case of reasonable discrimination?
  3. Should the law firm take the case?
  4. Choose two additional questions presented by Ms. Bickering in her memo. Answer them completely below #3.
If you have additional time, begin planning a presentation which fulfills Ms. Bickering's requirements. You will present your argument before a panel of our senior partners next Wednesday. We will work in class on Monday and Tuesday to prepare the argument, and discuss the ways in which you will be scored.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Part 1: Reality at West Point
Read the article "Betrayal of Trust." Take notes on the following:

  • Main Point
  • Supporting details
  • Relevance to our case

Part 2: Bickering's 3rd Memo
Read the text of senior partner Brandi Bickering's memo regarding precedent.

Then, use the following case summaries to answer the guiding questions she asks (loose leaf or typed, 20 points):

Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Legal Research (Get used to it, 1st year associates!)

What piece of legislation made it requirement for
schools to offer athletic programs for young women?
First, this document contains information on the US federal court system. Know it -- this will help you in your project, and will be on your next test.

Part 1: Researching Similar Cases
Pick one person in your group to research each of the following topics:
  • integration of minority groups (blacks, women, GLBT) into the military
  • integration of women into other professions
  • equal access of women to high school/college/professional sports

You must:
  • Effectively cite your source (MLA format) -- you may use this in your final project
  • Summarize your source's connection to the case
  • Include at least one specific reference to a relevant law or precedence
Part 2: Bickering's 3rd Memo
Read the text of senior partner Brandi Bickering's memo regarding precedent.

Then, use the following case summaries to answer the guiding questions she asks (loose leaf or typed, 20 points):

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You're 1st Year Associates. Do some Research!

John Wayne as a Green Beret... was his
portrayal what Lt. Connolly could expect?

Tonight, use one of the databases available to our firm (Gale, NY Times, Brittanica) to research the following topics:

  • the Green Berets
  • their objectives within the U.S. Army
  • the kinds of tasks they are called upon to perform

This is your first major assignment related to this case. You must:

  • Effectively cite your source (MLA format)
  • Prepare ~ 1 page of research on the topic above

"Paid Compensation"

  • 20: Demonstrates mastery of topic
  • 15: Demonstrates adequate understanding of topic
  • 10 and below: Inadequate understanding of topic

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Essay Prompt

Imagine that you are a Supreme Court Justice. You've just heard arguments in the case about the individual mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act. Now, you must write a decision in this case. Your decision must include:

  • A summary of the issue in this case
  • A statement saying whether you are ruling that the individual mandate to purchase insurance is Constitutional or Unconstitutional
  • At least three specific precedents for your decision

5 paragraphs, 50 points, following the rubric distributed in class. Due Tuesday, 4/3/12.