Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Petitioners' Opening: Necessary Additions

Things to prove in Petitioners' opening:

1.          The Trust is excessive
2.          Rendlow violated the Will
3.          Rendlow influenced Estelle (undue influence)
a.                       Moved into guest house after Estelle knew her for short time
4.          Estelle was not in her right mind when she wrote the Will. Not mentally competent to create any form of a Will.

"…In our lawsuit today, Addison and Alexi, the beloved children of Jackson and Estelle, will attempt to protect their family interests and make sure that their parents’ hard-earned money won’t be wasted by a master manipulator."

--heard from mother less after Rendlow came around
--how easily mother was influenced – “My mom was a good person, but she was very easily influenced.”
--Rendlow’s breach of will by fostering animals
--altered will recently (same since 1978), perhaps under influence of Rendlow
--long planned to share estate with children, but recently changed
--able to care for animals (has animal of her own, knows how to do it) “beloved cat (Addison), beloved dog (Alexi)…”
--because of Rendlow, relationship with children changed (pt. 13) immediately (less time, more animals, etc.)
--Addison is not doing it for the money, doing it so that this snake doesn’t take it

--McKay establishes background as an expert witness
--observed Rendlow’s conniving ways (11)
--$10 mil bequest is a sign of mental health problems (4)
--(6) Estelle easily persuaded by easy explanation, persuasive language
--(7) through persuasion, Rendlow ingrained himself into the life of Estelle (belief of petitioners)

Excessive Estate expenses – “you will hear testimony regarding how much it takes to care for an animal.”

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