Friday, January 21, 2011

Examining Mr. Grey

This weekend, expand your questions to 30 for Grey or Bellows. You may continue to work on direct examination questions. Alternatively, if you feel that you can work more strongly on the prosecution's cross of Grey, work on that instead.

Either way, you must have 30 direct or cross questions for Grey or Bellows on your desk at the start of Monday's class. This is a 30 point homework grade. Again, typed and saved/e-mailed to yourself is better because it will make it easier for us to use them in the future. You must also have a printed copy.

We will most likely be in the computer lab on Monday, but check the door to Rm. 309 to confirm.

Below are the cross examination questions we put together as a class today for Whitney Grey.

1.          Mr. Grey, you testified that when you were a teenager, you had a run in with the law, isn’t that correct?
2.          For setting fires?
3.          More than once?
4.          You testified that the fires were in an open field, isn’t that right?
5.          But the fields were located directly behind some houses, weren’t they?
6.          Your classmates used to play regularly in those fields, right?
7.          You got caught?
8.          And now, you’re studying to be a fire investigator, isn’t that what you’ve said?
9.          Because fires fascinate you, right?
10.  You know a great deal about how fires start, right?
11. Mr. Grey, you were at the pub on the night of the fire, right?
12.You were the first to leave, isn’t that what you testified?
13.You and Ashton Bellows are good friends, isn’t that correct?
14.Because he was the only person in town who would give you a job 6 years ago, right?
15.You asked Ashton Bellows for a loan, isn’t that right?
16.Did you get it?
17.Because Ashton didn’t have the money, right?

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