Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Defense: Direct Examinations for Grey and Bellows

We have spoken extensively in class about the affidavits of Defendant Whitney Grey and his former employer, Ashton Bellows.

Based on the strategies we have spoken about for the defense (you know, the easier side), complete the following:
  • Lay out clearly the information you must get the witness to talk about in court in order to convince the jury that Grey is not guilty (or rather, that we must doubt his guiltiness) (5 points).
  • Starting with the most basic information, draft questions for your chosen witness (Grey or Bellows). You can write as many questions as you can think of (I encourage you to do this), but must have a minimum of 15 (1 point each, 15 points total).
20 points total, due on your desk at the start of Friday's class.

You may complete this on loose leaf paper, but it will be even better if you do type it, save it, and print it to bring to class. Then, when we get to writing our official directs, we will already have a place to start.

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