Friday, February 18, 2011

Some notes and due dates

Here are the notes and due dates discussed in class today.
  • This Weekend: Study Case Materials and Mock Trial Rules. We’ll take a written test every day next week.
  • Rolling project grades: 20 points for the following, saved to the Y: drive and uploaded to the wiki:
  • Monday: “Finalized” Openings
  • Tuesday: “Finalized” Closings
  • Wednesday: “Finalized” Directs and Crosses
  • These are mostly attorney assignments. All other students will have a project introduced next week.
Openings and Closings:
  • Does it have a hook?
  • Does it follow a theme?
  • Does the theme from the opening carry over to the closing?
  • Does it lay out your side’s case?
  • Is it argumentative? It shouldn’t be!
  • Is it 3 minutes (openings)
  • Is it 4 minutes (closings, 5 minutes prosecution including rebuttal)
  • Is it convincing?
  • Is it REAL?????

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