Friday, February 11, 2011

Take-Home Quiz

This quiz must be completed on loose leaf paper. It is worth 20 points total, and is due on Monday, Feb. 14. Each question must be answered in a complete sentence. It has two parts, each referring to one specific section of your binder:
  • Mock Trial Rules Handbook
  • Mock Trial Case Materials
Each section of the quiz is clearly labeled. The case materials can also be accessed using the links on the right hand side of the blog.

Section 1: Mock Trial Rules Handbook. 6 questions, 10 points total.
  1. Based on the rules you were given, explain when it is appropriate to give an objection in the case. In your response, include specific information on who can object, when they can do it, and when they cannot (2 points).
  2. How much time is alotted for direct and cross examinations (for both prosecution and defense witnesses) (1 point)?
  3. Summarize the purpose of a closing argument, then give a short example of the type of information which could be included in a closing argument for our case (3 points).
  4. Summarize the steps necessary to introduce an exhibit into evidence (2 points).
  5. What is a redirect? Define the term, then explain its purpose in a trial (1 point).
  6. What is the highest point total a team can achieve in the mock trial competition (1 point)?
Part 2: Mock Trial Case Materials. 4 questions, 10 points total.
  1. If you were a juror, what criteria would help you determine if a witness’s testimony is reliable? Choose one witness from the People v. Grey case and explain how that witness can win over the jury (3 points).
  2. Using the diagram on p. 27 of the case materials, describe the site of the fire's ignition EXACTLY, giving specific evidence as set out by Fire Marshal Bahr (3 points).
  3. How much does Bahr's report state that the building was valued at? How much was it insured for (1 point).
  4. In order to win the case, what must the prosecution PROVE? Specifically show what must be proven, then evaluate whether or not the prosecution can actually prove anything based on the evidence given. Hint: examine the first four pages of the case materials (3 points).
20 points total.

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