Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Examinations Project

Today we will continue working on those directs and crosses. Follow the instructions below with your assigned partner/partners. Note -- many of you are moving around to different parts of the case. The goal of this project is to get quality direct and cross examination questions done as quickly as possible so that we can move on to better, more complete practices. Ideally, you will be able to get as many opinions about your questions as possible.
We will work on this today and tomorrow or Thursday (depending on weather) in the computer lab. The project is worth 50 points, and is due Thursday. Rubrics for directs and crosses are accessible below. It must be saved to the correct folder on the Y: drive and uploaded to the wiki. Note -- check with me before you delete ANYTHING on the wiki.
  • Save directs to the Y:\Ramin Law & Government\Directs folder.
  • Save crosses to the Y:\Ramin Law & Government\Crosses folder.
The document should be saved as "________direct/cross -- your last names".
Include your complete heading and the names of all students working on the questions today in your document.
NOTE: Know that NO ONE has an advantage in this project. Even though some lines of questioning are more complete than others, all of our directs and crosses need some real, serious work.
Direct of Eaton Bahr: Delissa, Keianna
Cross of Eaton Bahr: Shang, Julian
Direct of Lane O'Brien: Pasharea, Kilah
Cross of Lane O'Brien: Latrice, Jazmin, Tiara
Direct of Whitney Grey: Shaquara, Ariel
Cross of Whitney Grey: Rukiat, Latasha
Direct of Ashton Bellows: Maya, Shaquille
Cross of Ashton Bellows: Khaylian, Vanecia, Xavier
  1. First, review Ms. Duffy's sample direct for Grey or Ms. Furey's sample cross for Grey.
  2. Compare their questions to yours. How is hers different? How can your direct be improved? How can the answers be improved?
  3. Identify the theory for your side. Decide which information your witness can share with the jury which "proves" your theory. Start with one of the following statements: "Whitney Grey is clearly guilty of arson because..." or "We must doubt Whitney Grey's guilt because..." All supporting evidence should come from the affidavit you are working on.
  4. Examine the rubric for direct examinations if you are working on a direct.
  5. Examine the rubric for cross examinations if you are working on a cross.
Please let me know if you have questions.

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