Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Legal Research (Get used to it, 1st year associates!)

What piece of legislation made it requirement for
schools to offer athletic programs for young women?
First, this document contains information on the US federal court system. Know it -- this will help you in your project, and will be on your next test.

Part 1: Researching Similar Cases
Pick one person in your group to research each of the following topics:
  • integration of minority groups (blacks, women, GLBT) into the military
  • integration of women into other professions
  • equal access of women to high school/college/professional sports

You must:
  • Effectively cite your source (MLA format) -- you may use this in your final project
  • Summarize your source's connection to the case
  • Include at least one specific reference to a relevant law or precedence
Part 2: Bickering's 3rd Memo
Read the text of senior partner Brandi Bickering's memo regarding precedent.

Then, use the following case summaries to answer the guiding questions she asks (loose leaf or typed, 20 points):

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