Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bickering's 4th Memo

Lt. Connolly was once a cadet just like this young woman.
Should she have the right to serve in U.S. Special Forces?
Let our senior partner know.
We are nearing the end of our evaluation of Lt. Connolly's case. Read through the fourth memo from our senior partner, Brandi Bickering.

Respond to the following questions on loose leaf paper. 4 points per question, 20 points total.

  1. With the information you have right now, what would you recommend to the senior partners? What are the deciding factors in your recommendation? What questions do you still need to think about? What 5th and 14th Amendment issues are you thinking about?
  2. Does the right to equal protection override concerns about the effectiveness of Special Forces units, or is this a case of reasonable discrimination?
  3. Should the law firm take the case?
  4. Choose two additional questions presented by Ms. Bickering in her memo. Answer them completely below #3.
If you have additional time, begin planning a presentation which fulfills Ms. Bickering's requirements. You will present your argument before a panel of our senior partners next Wednesday. We will work in class on Monday and Tuesday to prepare the argument, and discuss the ways in which you will be scored.

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