Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You're 1st Year Associates. Do some Research!

John Wayne as a Green Beret... was his
portrayal what Lt. Connolly could expect?

Tonight, use one of the databases available to our firm (Gale, NY Times, Brittanica) to research the following topics:

  • the Green Berets
  • their objectives within the U.S. Army
  • the kinds of tasks they are called upon to perform

This is your first major assignment related to this case. You must:

  • Effectively cite your source (MLA format)
  • Prepare ~ 1 page of research on the topic above

"Paid Compensation"

  • 20: Demonstrates mastery of topic
  • 15: Demonstrates adequate understanding of topic
  • 10 and below: Inadequate understanding of topic

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